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  • BradC24
    Finally a great golf app for players! I’ve been looking for some way to manage our regular Friday game for a while now. Wasn’t sure Big Game Golf would do it but after watching some of the videos that are sent to you, it definitely made our games a TON easier. I tried a couple others and they just fell short on what it takes to put a game together or they didn’t have the games we played. BGG was close and with one email to customer support, a little change was made right away and we love it! Get it. Glad we did!
  • Wayne
    There are way too many golf apps out there that try to do too many things and are not good at any of them. This is not one of those apps. If you are a golf game wagerer, you will love this app. It does not have gps. It does not have a social media feed. It does not have google map pictures of the holes. What it DOES do is organize your games and keep up with all your wagers, side bets, and scores for your round. One job and it does it superbly! The best part, you can have many different bets and wagers going on at the same time and this app FLAWLESSLY keeps up with all of them and gives you totals for each and a grand total at the end. I can’t say enough about how wonderful this app is. You have to use it to fully appreciate it. Get the app and buy the subscription. YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!!
  • I have never used a golf app like Big Game Golf before. It is truly incredible!

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