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Our Support Philosophy

We are committed to getting our players all the information and help they need to get the most out of Big Game Golf that they can.

Providing Tutorials, FAQs, Helpful Hints and ability to contact our support teams at your disposal.

If you have a question or can't find help on this page for what you need, please send us a message from the Contact page. We'll get you the information you need quickly and help in anyway we can.


Helpful Hints

To get started - Join a Golf Network or multiple Golf Networks. Even create one of your own. Golf Networks are essential in Big Game Golf. They are needed to see other players in the system and for them to see you. Golf networks are either Private or Public. Creating a Public Golf Network allows other players in the system to see it in a search and potentially join.

From the My Games list, you can copy a previously played game as a shortcut to create a new game. This will copy the course, contests and roster if you invited one. Just swipe left and select copy, skipping the first couple of game setup screens.

Complete your Profile. Include your GHIN number if you have one. In a future release, BGG will be able to post your score to the GHIN system and that number will be needed. Also, checkout your Preferences. These are used as the default when you are playing a game with any of those Contests. Remember though, the Scorekeeper can always make changes to being In or Out of a game at the first tee. So, check with them at the first tee if you decide to be In or Out, different than your Preference setting.



1I can't find the Course or Tees I'm looking for.
Send us a pic of the front and back of the paper scorecard and we'll update our database.

Email it to

2I can find the Tees I need, but the Par, Yards and Handicaps are wrong.
There are two places you can Verify the Tee information you're playing.

Once when Creating a Game, a "Verify" button will pop up when you select a set of Tees. You can go there to make any need updates.

And a second time, when a game is started, if the Tees haven't been verified yet by anybody, the Scorekeeper will be asked to Verify and update the Tees.

3The app crashed while I was in the middle of a round.
Restart the app and a RESUME game button will be available. When that is selected, you pickup right where you left off.

If the problem continues, please Contact us with a short description of what happened. It'll help us if you share the date of the game you were playing when it happened.

4Why Subscribe?
There are only a few reasons you would need a subscription.

1. If you are setting up games.

2. If you are going to be a Scorekeeper.

3. If you want to view your game history.

If you don't see any of those applying to you, don't subscribe. You can be part of the Big Game Golf players community without the subscription and enjoy may of our features.